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"🇮🇱 🇵🇸

The destruction of a residential area of Gaza by the Israeli army was shown by a PressTV journalist who used to live in this place."

Blocked another behind IP due scanning for non-public resources:
Scumbags @
NetRange: -
OrgName: Paradise Networks LLC
OrgId: PARAD-40
Address: 835 W 6th St.
Address: Suite 1440
City: Austin
StateProv: TX
PostalCode: 78703

— as well as Microshit IP engaged in the same malicious activity!

BOTH Internet hosting entities *never* acknowledge complaints -- this isn't the first time by either in their IP range.

Blocked permanently range of IPs - due a/some son/s of a/ bitch/es iterating through that range to attempt unauthorized SSH connections.

"The Washington Post reported last month that the CIA had spent 'tens of millions' of dollars to bolster Ukrainian intelligence, providing it with surveillance equipment & even helping it to build a major facility. Commenting on the article, Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov noted that Russia has long been aware that Ukrainian spies operate 'under the close supervision' of the global genocidal terrorists US and UK Anglo- Zio- Nazis.~

old madam US Stoltenberg, playing role of 'secretary' to the Nuclear Armed Terrorist Organization (NATO) , irrational statements place him/her on the same level as his/her US Anglo- Zio- Nazi, Biden! :

"A Russian victory 'in Ukraine will not only be a tragedy for Kiev, but also a danger for NATO' - Secretary General Stoltenberg"

Of course, the global genocidal US / UK / Canadian Anglo / French- European Zio- would oppose and/or abstain of anti-Nazi resolution at UN — RT World News

Fucking Zio- orangutan, Adolf , again expelling shitloads of — which his imbecile MAGGOT fanatics enthusiastically swallow — through his he has for 'mouth'!

Fucking Indian UGLY , Nimrata Randaw, has her for mouth and shits to her useful idiotic US Anglo- Zio- consumers ! :
"Nikki Haley: Thug Putin is responsible for half a million deaths; U.S. should give Ukraine the equipment and ammunition needed to win.

🔗 Source ("

Mother fucking clown behind Taiwan IP engaged in malicious activity while faking China's search engine BaiduSpider signature.

Flagship component of the West Bank’s surveillance infra is known as 'Wolf Pack.' According to AI, its purpose is to create a db featuring profiles of every Palestinian in the region. One strand of this software, known as Red Wolf, uses facial recognition cameras placed at checkpoints to inform via a color-coded system whether to arrest, detain, or allow through Palestinians who approach. If unrecognized, it'll automatically enroll biometric data into Red Wolf~

Terrorist economy: Washington is prepared to create a new financial disaster for the whole world — RT Business News

Blocked behind IP due HEAD scanning for non-public resources. Notified: (no reply yet)

NetRange: -

OrgName: OVH Hosting, Inc.
OrgId: HO-2
Address: 800-1801 McGill College
City: Montreal
StateProv: QC
PostalCode: H3A 2N4
Country: CA
RegDate: 2011-06-22
Updated: 2023-01-30


"Illegal US outposts in Syria [stealing the nation's oil] and military bases Iraq have come under attacks at least 38 times since October 17, reflecting rising tensions in the region amid the Israel-Hamas war. Tehran has repeatedly warned that various regional forces won't sit idle and and that 'new fronts' will be opened, if Washington continues to support Israel in its bombing of Gaza."

SORE Germany play the role of imbeciles unable to respond to their US pimps' attack against pipes; yet, are planning to deploy tank battalions to Russian border to please their terrorist US Anglo- Zio- Nazi ruthless pimps! — RT World News

Genocidal, . in the Zio- West do *always* support their own ilk! :
Dior replaces pro-Palestine Bella Hadid with Israeli model – media — RT World News

"Last week, the Russian Unmanned Rapid Response Squad – a unit specializing in using first-person view () kamikaze drones – published videos showing their unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) destroying three tanks in just two days."

composer require rector/rector --dev

Use the option --with-all-dependencies (-W) to allow upgrades, downgrades and removals for packages currently locked to specific versions.

Specifying memory limit as:
vendor/bin/rector --memory-limit=10G process src

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