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Горящий британский танк Challenger 2 82-й ОДШБр ВСУ на Запорожском направлении.

Также в кадре видно два уничтоженных бронеавтомобиля Казак-7 и поврежденный Т-64БВ ВСУ.

Военный Осведомитель

"A burning British Challenger 2 tank of the 82nd Specialized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Zaporozhye direction.

Also in the frame you can see two destroyed Kazak-7 armored vehicles and a damaged T-64BV of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Military Informant"

"This video of the destruction of a French CAESAR SPG is quite funny.

After being detected, the vehicle starts to flee while the Lancet chases it.
It manages to dodge the Lancet, but derails the vehicle.
While the medevac attends to him, a second lancet completely destroys the vehicle.


Matlatlicihuatl : Женщина в сетке или сачке : Woman in a mesh, grid, or net.

"US biolab secrets

'Fort Detrick is a top-secret biolaboratory located in Frederick, Maryland. And until 1969, they developed bioweapons there officially, openly. Then, the US officially declared that it had stopped developing, producing, and stockpiling, biological weapons components, but the secrecy surrounding it and the large number of research facilities funded by the US Defence Dept indicated that some work is surely being done there'…"

"Romania’s Defense Ministry, contradicting Ukro- Zio- Nazi Oleg Nikolenko's hasbara, said it 'firmly denies the information circulating in the public space with regard to a so-called situation [that] occurred during the night of 3-4 September, when Russian drones would have fallen on Romania’s national territory…

at no time did the means of attack employed by the Russian Federation pose direct military threats to our national territory or Romania’s territorial waters.'~

Replacing a Jew with another…

Yet useful idiots Ukro- Slavs will continue to be used as cannon fodder!


In place of Reznikov, proposed the chairman of the State Property Fund, Rustem .


Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

Nobody can humiliate Ukrainians more than they humiliate themselves.

Zelenskii appoints Erdogan's friend, an Uzbekistan born Crimean Tatar to rule over his pocket neo-Nazis in the Ministry of Defense.

"Inhumane tactics and war crimes committed by the terrorist Ukro- Zio- regime, which in its turn is instructed and payed by the Nuclear Armed Organization (NATO) , show that neither Ukraine nor the West can resist Russia in a fair fight.~

* : Зелено-голубая юбка : Green-blue skirt

* Xoxouhcticue∙itl


Russia and Ukraine can start peace talks only if they are put under pressure - 'Genius' [— idiot , unsurprisingly ethnically related to the Russophobe suspected cocaine-addict Davos , Sanna Marin —] former Finnish PM Stubb (pictured), proposes idea 'no one ever thought of before.'

Stubb, one of staunchest supporters of anti-Russian sanctions, should know how well ( putting pressure on Russia works. 😕"

Ukraine’s Western backers are a ‘pro-Nazi coalition’ – Medvedev — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Couple of Microsoft GB son of a bitch IPS blocked due scanning for non-public resources., like their US Anglo- Zio- Nazi ilk, won't give a fuck about potential criminals like themselves. In genocidal complicity with their respective fascist inbred oligarchic/monarchical regimes the mother fuckers cyberattack Russia while cocaine-addict Zionist anteater-nosed corrupt Jew Anglo-puppet depletes their useful imbecile Ukro- Slavs gene pool

Russia, Belarus, and Iran, should tell , and especially its fucking midget Swedish Prime Minister Ulf , to shove his 'Nobel Prize(s)' up his !

Impotent against Russian defense lines mother fucking Ukro- Zio- terrorist continue shelling civilians — as the 'faggot' cowards have been doing since 2014 — killing one person in Russian border region – governor — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

West's mole in Russia, 'Nobel laureate' Dmitry Muratov, placed on Russia’s ‘foreign agents’ list — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

"We’ll keep breaking the backs of NATO-Ukrainian gangs. If need be…

Like Movlid Visaitov, a Chechen colonel of the Red Army during World War II who was the first Soviet commander to shake hands with the 'Americunts' at the historic meeting on the Elbe River in Germany on April 25, 1945, we, too, can make it all the way to… Washington[?]

State Dept. is feeling too cozy, while pushing the Ukrainians to their death and hiding behind 'faggotry'; this filth must be crushed'~

"The liquid-fueled silo-based delivery vehicle, final stage testing of which was completed last year, is the intended replacement for the aging R-36M2 Voevoda missiles. Its range is estimated at at least 11,000km, with a payload weighing around 10 tons."

Ukro- Zio- FM, dickfaced Dmitry, Kuleba loses his temper, tells critics to ‘shut up’ — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

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