Aleksey Goncharenko, from the same European party as the avaricious Jew Pyotr, Poroshenko, admonishes fellow Ukro- Zio- Nazi to provide mo' to their global genocidal US Anglo- Zio- Nazi pimp(s) so that they continue wasting US taxpayers' money on failed Kiev CORRUPT IMBECILES! — of course, I am paraphrasing 😉

Group of Ukrainian soldiers embrace life, i.e., a big 'Fuck You!' to the global genocidal terrorists US/UK Anglo- European Zio- Nazis!
▫️ In Zaporozhye direction, the Ukrainian armed forces continue unsuccessful attacks near Rabotino and Pyatikhatki.

▫️ The enemy has already lost thousands…

▫️ Realising that the capabilities of the military equipment supplied by Western countries are exaggerated, AFU servicemen are making a choice — to surrender to Russian servicemen"

Global genocidal terrorists US/UK Anglo- Zio- Nazis involved in attack on Crimea – Russia — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Typical of his coward, lying, opportunist, genocidal, ilk illegally occupying Palestine by settling on that land theft called '', the anteater-nosed avaricious Jew will now hide behind females by completing the genocide of Ukro- Slavs in complicity with global genocidal US/UK Anglo- European Zio- !


Ukraine intensively prepares society for large-scale general mobilisation where not only the disabled but also women to be drafted.

"September 20, 2023

SeaMonkey released

The SeaMonkey project is proud to present SeaMonkey The new release of the all-in-one Internet suite is available for download now! is an important security update from the 2.53.x branch and incorporates a number of changes as well as fixes from the underlying platform code.

SeaMonkey is available in 23 languages, for Windows, macOS x64 and GNU/ ."

Mastodon upgrading to v3.5.13

If after:
git checkout v3.5.13

there is output:
M yarn.lock

yarn install --frozen-lockfile

Global genocidal US Anglo- Zio- welcome their anteater-nosed , lying, avaricious whore at the UN so that their 'son of a bitch' can spew , beg for mo' money, and threaten with violence if his pimp(s) don't oblige!

Hiroito/Bandera spawn Budanov regurgitates fascist shit like his global genocidal terrorists US/UK Anglo- Zio- Nazi pimp(s), i.e., his 'faggot' ilk Lindsey Graham, Ashton Cirillo, etc., as long as there are useful imbecile Ukro-Slavs left to be used as cannon fodder.

"'I’m ... pleased to announce that the M1 Abrams tanks with depleted uranium shells that the global genocidal US Anglo- Zio- had previously committed to will be poisoning soon,' US’ affirmative-action 'Good House Negro', said at a meeting of US’ , Ukraine Defense Contact Group, in Germany.~

'The war must be extended to other territory – which for us is clearly Russia – and other areas where they have influence,' - Hiroito/Bandera spawn Budanov wish may become a reality but where the 'other territory' could be his global genocidal terrorists US/UK Anglo- Zio- Nazi pimp(s)’ respective nations, i.e., a Poseidon drone wiping out the arrogant inbred pedophiles in UK, New York, Florida, etc., etc.

Global genocidal Anglo- Zio- projection:

"UK Home Office Officially Declares Wagner PMC Terrorist Organization"

Anglo- Zio- ’ tabloid sheds light on its genocidal mortal infighting episode:
British mercenary tortured and killed compatriot in – media — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

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