"The M1 Abrams’ debut was during Operation Desert Storm, the US war with Iraq in 1990 and 1991, that aimed to drive the Iraqi army out of Kuwait. Even though the tank performed relatively successfully at the time, several years later, US tank battalions sustained losses in urban combat during Washington's invasion of Iraq. Reportedly, over 80 Abrams had been destroyed by then and 530 more had been forced back to the US for extensive repairs."


"The battlefield in Ukraine is far from the desert of the Middle East, where American battle tanks roamed freely 20 years ago. I have no doubt that any weaponry that the United States and the West take pride in will completely burn up and turn into scrap metal in front of the unwavering fighting spirit and power of the heroic army and people of Russia."

clown at nslookup name = hostedby.privatealps.net.

status: allocated
aut-num: N/A
responsible: Milciades Garcia
address: Torres De Las Americas, Torre C, 0, Suite 1404, Floor 14
address: 00000 - Panama -
country: PA
phone: +41 43 5082295

Blocked son of a bitch at Microsoft IP for resource probing.

Putin does not talk to anteater-nosed avaricious Jew because his global US/UK Anglo- Zio- pimps call the shots in Ukraine.

Western intel may have been involved in the assassination attempt~ Dmitry Rogozin. As the global terrorists US/UK Anglo- European Zio- Nazis continue forcing their 'maintream' media hasbara whores' narrative down the throats of their gullible West idiotic audience while censoring Russia's, i.e., fucking midget 'married to his mom' & wannabe 'Napoleon', Macron, has frozen RT's bank account, effectively forcing the Russian media channel 2be shutdown: rt.com/news/570273-rt-france-a

Global terrorists US Anglo- Zio- Nazis 'Texas' Repub Michael McCaul (who, except for one letter, shares the same first and last name as Michael 'blonde dildo' McFaul 😉 ) as well as Chris Cunt...er, Coons, a Delaware Democrat propose ‘just one’ over-engineered Anglo- junk Abrams tank for their genocidal Ukro- Zionist 'faggot' anteater-nosed Jew Zelensky; thus tricking their German whore Scholtz into sending the 'leopards'

"It has gradually become apparent that Russia is committed to a positional attritional war, as this maximizes the asymmetry of their advantage in ranged fires. There is an ongoing degradation of Ukraine’s warmaking ability which is allowing Russia to patiently maintain the current tempo, while it organizes its newly mobilized forces for offensive action in the coming year, setting the stage for cascading and unsustainable Ukrainian losses."


Adding to Microsoft's cut of 10,000 jobs and similar moves by other big tech companies Amazon, Meta Platforms and Twitter, " Google’s parent company Alphabet announced on Friday it would eliminate 12,000 jobs worldwide, more than 6% of its workforce, after years of robust growth and hiring."

Fucking lying European Angela , Francois and Puto...er, Pyotr, , the leaders at the time of Germany, France and Ukraine, respectively, 'lied to the people of , as they had a terrible fate planned for them, which Russia prevented,'

A mother fucking criminal fascist Spanish scum, , urging other European like him to continue to provide weapons to Ukro- Zio- so they can kill Russians, is given some typical European bullshit award by another Spanish scum , Javier who, as the Nuclear Armed Terrorist Organization (NATO)’s secretary general in 1999, attacked and dismembered Yugoslavia under typically hasbara excuse of his global terrorists US Anglo- Zio- Nazi pimp!

Mathematica on OS/2 Symmetrical Multiprocessing (SMP) for v2.11 with 16 CPU/Cores in VirtualBox 7.0.6

'ISIS are little children compared to the Ukro- Zio- Kiev regime,' paraphrasing Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, commenting on Podoliak’s 'explanation' — the fucking anteater-nosed avaricious clown Jew Zelensky posthumously giving Kireev a medal for 'exceptional duty' — and in reference to Islamic State terrorists, as well.

Block this son of a bitch at IP *all* its attempts were nullified!

South Africa tells the global US Anglo- Zio- to take their ‘totally unwarranted’ anti-Russia bill, roll it up, and shove it into the drafter's — as well as all those clowns' in congress who supported it — !

China has blasted the global terrorists Anglo- Zio- for its 'banditry' in Syria, claiming that Washington’s years-long military occupation and the 'plundering' of Syrian resources have placed the country on the brink of a 'humanitarian disaster.'

'the goals of the SMO— including the 'demilitarization & denazification' of Ukraine - are not fictional, not plucked out of thin air,' but are rather 'defined by fundamental, legitimate security interests of the Russian Federation.'

Lavrov said this was especially true when it comes to the situation in neighboring countries.
'Ukraine, like any other territory bordering Russia, of course, should not host military infrastructure that poses a direct threat to our country.'

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