Group of Ukrainian soldiers embrace life, i.e., a big 'Fuck You!' to the global genocidal terrorists US/UK Anglo- European Zio- Nazis!
▫️ In Zaporozhye direction, the Ukrainian armed forces continue unsuccessful attacks near Rabotino and Pyatikhatki.

▫️ The enemy has already lost thousands…

▫️ Realising that the capabilities of the military equipment supplied by Western countries are exaggerated, AFU servicemen are making a choice — to surrender to Russian servicemen"


Typical of his coward, lying, opportunist, genocidal, ilk illegally occupying Palestine by settling on that land theft called '', the anteater-nosed avaricious Jew will now hide behind females by completing the genocide of Ukro- Slavs in complicity with global genocidal US/UK Anglo- European Zio- !


Ukraine intensively prepares society for large-scale general mobilisation where not only the disabled but also women to be drafted.

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Global genocidal US Anglo- Zio- welcome their anteater-nosed , lying, avaricious whore at the UN so that their 'son of a bitch' can spew , beg for mo' money, and threaten with violence if his pimp(s) don't oblige!

Global genocidal Anglo- Zio- projection:

"UK Home Office Officially Declares Wagner PMC Terrorist Organization"

Russia responds to global genocidal US Anglo- Zio- 'faggot' who joined his abnormal ilk in Ukraine and now viciously spews death threats to journalists — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union


Permanently banned son of a bitch IPs

As usual, @ abuse@microsoft.com won't give a fuck about their nuisance mother fuckers! The mother fucker fascist WinRetards are too busy taking over the IT infrastructure of anteater-nosed JEW ZELENSKY's Ukro- Zio- Nazi regime who is busy depleting the Ukro- Slavs gene pool by using them as cannon fodder!


"On September 5th, the 108th Regiment eliminated a British 'Challenger 2' tank with a single shot of a 'Kornet' ATGM.

Archangel Spetsnaz (t.me/rusich_army/10799) interviewed the commander responsible for the tears in the eyes of the British Military Leadership.

🔴 @DDGeopolitics"


"Footage of the detonation of a Ukrainian Turkish MRAP on mines north of Novomayorsky"

Ukro- Zio- Nazi spew 'torrent of despicable, violent, and hideously racist messages,' over courageous Chinese diva’s performance in .

Wang Fan sang the Russian war song ‘’ in a ruined theater in

"At 6 am, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attempted to attack our positions using 2 tanks and 3 armored vehicles. Our artillery began to work on their moving equipment which came to a halt. But the attack bogged down when the 《Kornet》 ATGM hit 'never destroyed tank' with a 152 mm guided missile under the turret.
It is noteworthy that the 'Challenger' burned for more than a day. The reason for such a long burning could be [depleted] ammunition.~


"View from the drone of the first destroyed British 2 tank from the 82nd Airborne Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as two burnt-out infantry fighting vehicles, an M113 armored personnel carrier and one pickup truck.

It is reported that the tank was hit by the crew of the ATGM."


Горящий британский танк Challenger 2 82-й ОДШБр ВСУ на Запорожском направлении.

Также в кадре видно два уничтоженных бронеавтомобиля Казак-7 и поврежденный Т-64БВ ВСУ.

Военный Осведомитель

"A burning British Challenger 2 tank of the 82nd Specialized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Zaporozhye direction.

Also in the frame you can see two destroyed Kazak-7 armored vehicles and a damaged T-64BV of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Military Informant"


"This video of the destruction of a French CAESAR SPG is quite funny.

After being detected, the vehicle starts to flee while the Lancet chases it.
It manages to dodge the Lancet, but derails the vehicle.
While the medevac attends to him, a second lancet completely destroys the vehicle.


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