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So-called 'Israelis' Are Not Welcome in During the 2022 World Cup

"The 2022 World Cup in Qatar has been the first of its kind and may be a breakthrough in calling out Israel and its apartheid regime, Steven Sahiounie writes."
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When there is an interruption in upgrade, then, as root type:
dpkg --configure -a
Cameroon World Cup star, Gael Ondoua, responds to global terrorists US/UK Anglo- European Zio- ’ ‘insults’ after Russian flag gesture.

Iran manager tells global terrorists US Anglo- Zio- Nazis' German son of a bitch, , to FUCK OFF with his prejudiced comments — RT Sport News ⚽

"In other words, agreeing to a Minsk-style ceasefire now would be another mistake which would allow Kiev and its backers to better prepare to resume fighting at the time of their choosing."

...and, indeed, FUCK the West mainstream media whores regurgitating their politician pimps' LIES, that the 'global energy and food security is suffering because of Moscow’s actions.'

Microsoft IP is pretending to be China's "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Baiduspider/2.0;"

to engage in nefarious behaviour.

'In the server context, only rewrite directives are allowed
inside "if", and "if" works as it should: just provides an
conditional operator within the rewrite module instructions, and
does not try to create an implicit location configuration.'

vim objective: diff 2 files in upper half and view a 3rd file in lower half.

vim -o [1st file to diff] [3rd file]

upper half will contain 1st file to diff; then, [esc] enter
:vert diffsplit 2nd file to diff

Accordingly, in the upper half of screen there will be vimdiff of 1st and 2nd file; whereas, the bottom half of screen we will have the 3rd file to view -- which might be our patch.

'I can’t imagine a U.S. Intelligence official would be wrong on this' ~AP's hasbara whore Vanessa Gera
Either this hasbara Vanessa Gera — based in the territory where the 'Hyena of Europe' currently mores — is supremely gullible or supremely stupid!
(via Rachel Blevins Telegram

Ukro- Zio- Nazi 'dickface' beggar Kuleba states his EU pimps have ‘no right’ to get tired of Ukraine conflict — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

How to block specific user agents on web server.
create /etc/nginx/useragent.rules, & define a map with all blocked user agents as:
map $http_user_agent $putoagent {
default 0;
~*malicious 1;
~*backdoor 1;
~*netcrawler 1;
~Puto 1;
~webbandit 1;

open an nginx configuration file of your website, which contains http section, & add
http {

include /etc/nginx/useragent.rules

"🇷🇺 Republic of Crimea, Russia.

The process of restoring the span of the Crimean Bridge, destroyed as a result of a terrorist attack organized by the Ukrainian Armed Forces."

Global terrorists US Anglo- Zio- Nazis' German Olaf Scholz, together with other UK/Europe whorehouse regular bitches, like UK Indian Sunak, hoped to gang up on Putin @ G20.

Putin's absence at G20, however, did not prevent their West mainstream whores, like AP, to disseminate 'Lavrov was taken to hospital with heart problems shortly after arriving in Bali'

'How is it going US/UK Anglo- Zio- Nazi mother fuckers!?' ~ Lavrov

"German state broadcaster Deutsche Welle () fired 7 Arab journalists – four of them Palestinian – because of their support for a Palestinian homeland. DW Journalists speaking anonymously said the message had been sent loud and clear: do not criticize Israel."

"…child language specialist Bahia Amawi lost her job at a school in after she refused to sign a state-mandated loyalty oath, pledging never to boycott Israel."

"US still remains grossly declining…but can still theoretically deploy… a sizeable force to fight some smaller country. British Army=🤡. All British ground forces can do is to deploy couple fully combat ready brigades… ≈2 weeks worth of fighting similar to SMO's intensity for these 2 brigades to be wiped out. So, what's left for Britain? Right--terrorist, murder, diversionary and pseudo intel activity, because the rest is beyond British economic and military capabilities.~

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