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Genocidal sons of fucking ! :

"Israel is randomly destroying every inch of Gaza, with wanton savagery.

📍 This is the Al Tuffah neighborhood in Gaza."
via @VanessaBeeley

WATCH Russian military destroy massive TV tower in Ukraine — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

La de EEUU — de las RATAS de Escoria — Maria Corina '' es, al igual que el Afro- , Juan Guaido, un lastre para Venezuela! US' Scum RAT — Maria Corina '' Machado is, just like Afro- WHORE, , a liability for Venezuela!
The US has a new insidious plan for Venezuelan oil — RT World News

Just like that 'Holohoax' drama whining scum now occupying that land theft, so-called 'Israel', which is being carved out from Palestine, "Ukraine deliberately targeting journalists – Kremlin" — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

"Medvedev, who serves as the deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, argued that 'the vote of gleeful American bastards' will only prolong the fighting and 'increase the number of victims of this war.'"

Indeed, global genocidal US Anglo Zio- bastards don't care about the lives of others except their own!

Principled humans protesting an , genocidal, regime nigh the office of US colonized Indian , Thomas :

"Google sacks employees involved in a 10-hr protest against $1.2 billion contract with Israel — Report

The 28 workers who demonstrated against the company’s business relationship with Israel were l̶e̶t̶ ̶g̶o̶ fired, NYP reports.

A company spokesperson said their behavior disrupted the work of others, which is against Google policy."


Apple and Google more dangerous than governments – Telegram founder — RT World News

"According to Durov, one of his top employees… revealed he'd been approached by the US govt. 'There was a secret attempt to hire my engineer behind my back by cybersecurity officers,'

'They were trying to persuade him to use certain tools that he'd then integrate into Telegram’s code that, in my understanding, would serve as ,’ Durov said, adding that he believes the employee’s account. 'There's no reason for my engineer to make up(such) stories.'~

"According to Russian officials, Ukraine is resorting to because it cannot prevail on the battlefield even with the unprecedented amount of Western assistance it has been receiving."

"Essentially, the attack carried out by Iran on April 14 was not just a retaliatory strike, but established a new order. Iran demonstrated that it is ready to resort to new means of influence in a situation where words are not sufficient. It attacked Israel directly not in order to start a war, but to demonstrate what could happen if all other methods of pressure on Israel fail."

Fucking son of a bitch genocidal ! :
"👀 Run, Bibi Run…

The Israeli govts 'Doomsday plane' has taken off and is the only aircraft leaving the country.

Has Netanyahu scarpered from Israel with his War Cabinet?"

Russia tests top secret nuclear-capable missile (VIDEO) — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

‘Islamic world will celebrate the destruction of Israel’: Is war inevitable between Tehran and the global genocidal US Anglo- Zio- -backed racist land , lawless, genocidal regime, 'Israel'? — RT World News

Vovan and Lexus wrote in the caption to the video recording that the International Olympic Committee (IOC ) President Thomas Bach and European Commission Vice President Margaritis Schinas. 'are ready to pray to any gods just to mess with Russia and ensure that none of the foreign athletes attend the Friendship Games.'~

"Following the start of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine in 2022, Western governments launched a large censorship campaign against Russian media they deem to be ‘state-controlled’. Multiple Russian TV stations and media outlets, including RT, have been either blocked or prevented from operating in the US and some other Western countries."

"Kiev Region appeared to be particularly hard-hit, with local energy op, Centerenergo, describing the barrage as 'a dark day' in the company’s history. It stated that the attack had 'completely destroyed' the thermal power plant, which had been the largest energy producer in Kiev, Cherkasskaya and Zhitomir regions."

Tripolskaya (Tripilska) TPP completely destroyed by the overnight strike & cannot be restored - Centrenergo of Ukraine

“'We once again insist that [the nuclear power plant] be returned under the control of its rightful owner, Ukraine, and Russia be held accountable for all its crimes.' ~ Dumbfuck US State Dept spox Matthew Miller, Spanish scum, i.e., Puta Escoria Española, Josep, Borrell, etc..
implying that Russia wants to blow up a nuclear powerplant it controls, and that if it gives the npp back, it will suddenly stop wanting to blow it up? Because that makes logical sense."

Global genocidal US Anglo- Zio- ’ Sockpuppet boss, , and his war like US Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs 'Dr.' Celeste could not care less about depletion of Ukro- Slavs' gene pool.

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