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Paraphrasing Maria Zakharova, even promises by French President Emmanuel 'faggot wannabe Napoleon' to send Nuclear Armed Organization () troops into Ukraine will not be enough to change the minds of the Ukrainian people, who have started to wake up to the fact that they have been played 'like a fiddle' by the Zio- West.

Scumbags behind IP block -
going around maliciously probing/attacking:

inetnum: -
netname: VCUS-45-131-195-0
geoloc: 40.7861638 -74.076537
org: ORG-VA29484-RIPE

org: ORG-VA29484-RIPE
org-name: VPN-Consumer-US
address: 110 Meadowlands Pkwy, 1st Floor
address: Secaucus, NJ 07094

person: Jeroen van veen
address: Falco IPR B.V.
De Hoefsmid 11-13
1851 PZ Heiloo
The Netherlands
phone: +31 72 532 3744

"Mordvichev told Shoigu that the troops pushed back Kiev’s forces by more than 10km during the Avdeevka operation, and that the offensive is still underway. He added that despite 'the Kiev regime about an acute shortage of artillery ammunition, the intensity of the enemy’s artillery fire has not decreased.'"

Blocking, too, IP blocks: - - - - - - - - - -
due multiple instances of attempted &/or actual abusive behaviour by behind their 'droplets' & ensuing indifference by idiots @

Blocked this IP block - LEET-45-94-31-0
country: DE
organisation: ORG-SG441-RIPE
org-name: 1337 Services GmbH
org-type: OTHER
address: Ludwig-Erhard-Str. 18
address: DE-20459 Hamburg
address: Germany

due multiple instances of abuse and scumbags at lack of acknowledgement to complaints.

Blocked this son of a bitch behind IP due malicious activity and notified
Whole fucking IP block will be blocked if these scumbags continue:
inetnum: -
netname: CHINANET-JL
descr: CHINANET Jilin province network
descr: Jilin Telecom Corporation
descr: No.2136,Dong-Nan-Hu Road,Changchun,130000,Jilin
country: CN

Kiev poses threat to Russia’s existence – Medvedev — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Global genocidal US Anglo- Zio- ’ 'Good House Negro' at the UN Security Council, Linda Thomas Greenfield, sole vote against ceasefire in Gaza; thus, allowing the racist psychopathic fanatic Zionist Jew Adolf ’s regime to continue genocide in Gaza.
"Linda at the UN was mentored by none other than mass murderer [ evil-witch-faced ] Madeleine Albright."

Russia captured up to 1,000 Ukrainian POWs in Avdeevka – Even Anglo- Zio- MSM hasbara whores, NYT, admits. ~ RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Victory in Avdeevka:
"Among other things, this victory has significantly boosted the morale of Donetsk residents, giving them hope that life can go back to normal and the artillery terror under which they have been living for many years may stop. To fully understand their joy, we must delve into history. So, if you don’t mind I will take only 30 seconds or one minute of your time to give you a brief historical background."

"The attack was likely launched from the Ukrainian positions in the village of

Ukrainian have been shelling Donetsk & its outskirts for 10 yrs. They don't stop wasting precious foreign missiles on the attacks ion civilians, which have no military sense. This is nothing but terror supported by the Nuclear Armed Terrorist Organization (NATO), an euphemism for global genocidal US Anglo- Euro- Zio- whores, patrons of the Nazi Kiev regime."

Russians need to push these global genocidal 'faggot' US Anglo- Zio- ’ Ukro- further away from the civilian populations or finish them off completely!
"Woman killed by Ukrainian shelling of Russian city – acting governor — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union"

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